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Factors to Consider When Extracting DNA Molecule

The most important component in the human’s blood is the DNA molecule and is the first thing looked into incase of any problem. Each DNA is always different from any other and no at one point can they become similar since they can only be manufactured during the fusion of the reproductive cells from the parents. There is no error formed in the formation of the DNA and it is usually used to determine the real parents of the child by extracting it. The cell normally a lot of components and to get each one of them, separation has to be made. Experts are the only ones doing the exercise since it is technical and many factors have to be considered for the correct desired results to be made.

The whole extraction process is very sensitive since any contaminations might be a problem and will prevent the real results from being achieved. There are a variety of the extraction methods and will always depend with the equipment available and the preferred one by the individuals, if not in a hurry it can be done overnight through incubation method and the simplest one is the protocol which can take a few minutes while there is a newly established one that involves the use reagents. There are situations that can only restrict the use of a certain method depending with the current conditions and the people involved will have to follow them.

Every component has its own unique features and becomes only possible to identify them through them without confusing with the rest. The negative charges of the DNA molecule make it possible for them to be identified from the rest of the molecules. The DNA molecule is made up of the many chromosomes that are coiled and this makes up the structure of them and since they are negatively charged and the proteins are usually positively charged which makes them attract to each other.

There are three steps mainly involved in the extraction of the DNA and have to be followed to the latter to make the process successful. The whole cell membrane has to be raptured for the components to be released and separated for each and every component to be on its own. The exercise can only be done well and perfectly with the cell opened. There are methods of opening up the cell membrane that include either using heat to rapture it or using detergents.

DNA features play the role of proper separation without confusion. It is necessary to put into consideration some important factors have to be considered to avoid confusion. When each component is separated, the extracted DNA molecule has to be isolated and kept in a well labelled test tube for easy identification keeping in mind that it should not be contaminated with any substance.

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